Concrete Cleaning & Densifying

Concrete Cleaning & Densifying

This chemical process produces permanent crystal growth in concrete’s surface pores to create a denser, harder and more durable surface. 

At Max Floor Specialist, we have the expertise to give our clients a long-lasting result!

How does the process work? 

Densified concrete doesn’t use a topical coating that can wear away with time. The effects are permanent, which makes it an effective long-lasting solution. 

With foot traffic and wear, it gives the floor a shiny, marble-like appearance. The crystals within the pores make it difficult for contaminants like oil, water and other substances to sink in. It also seals in concrete salts, making the concrete dustproof and much easier to clean. 


  • Harder surface area
  • Easy to install
  • Dust proof
  • Oil proof
  • Easier to keep clean


Our Max Floor Specialist team uses this process to functionally and aesthetically strengthen your floor. Paired with other treatments such as joint filling, our process will leave your flooring stronger than ever before. 


Ask Us About Concrete Cleaning & Densifying

Concrete cleaning and densifying provide a long-lasting, durable strength to your floor. Contact us today to learn more!

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