Joint Filling

Max Specialist has executed hundreds of thousands of linear ft of joint material. We have completed countless projects within the last 20 years including Mercedes, Amazon, Volvo, and Nissan just to name a few. Whether we are working with new concrete or existing, we have the necessary experience and expertise to help you complete your project.


The two main types of control joint filler are Polyurea and Epoxy. We can install any material of your choosing. Joint filler is intended to protect your concrete joints under weight and traffic. Using a two-part method, this material reaches a high comprehensive strength and dries quickly allowing for access soon after application. Having your joints filled allows for the floor to be seamless and is not only protected, but easier to clean.


Concrete expansion joints and Exterior control joints are visibly larger than the control joints which allows for more movement due to temperature changes, vibration, and settling. Caulk is going to be your best option. This material is usually installed over backer rod or other foam inserts and forms a bond on two sides only.

When choosing the right joint material take in account these factors:

  • The facility.
  • Application environment.
  • Intended use of the concrete floor.
  • Requirements for appearance and turn around time.

Why concrete joint filler is so important

1. Protection and prevention- filling the joints in your concrete slab prevents extensive concrete repair, as well as spalling and cracking.
2. Cost for joint filler vs joint repair- The amount it takes to pay to fill your joints is significantly less than what it’s going to take to repair your concrete
3. Maintenance- When your joints are filled maintenance becomes much easier. This allows for sweepers and scrubbers to go over your slab without pushing debris down into the joint.


joint filling joint filling

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