Joint Filling

Joint Filling

Whether it’s new or existing concrete, our expertise and experience with joint material sets us apart.  

Talk about experience: Max Floor Specialist has executed thousands of feet of joint material over the past 20 years. Companies like Mercedes, Amazon, Volvo and Nissan trust us with their projects and you should, too.  

Control Joint Filling

The two main types of control joint filler are Polyurea and Epoxy; both protect your concrete joints under heavy weight and traffic. This material dries quickly and can be used soon after application. Having your joints filled allows for the floor to be not only protected but also makes it easier to clean. 

You choose the material and our Max Floor Specialist team can install it. 

Joint seal and concrete densify services

Expansion Joint Filling / Exterior Control Joints 

Exterior control joints protect concrete surfaces from shrinkage cracks due to concrete drying. Expansion joints are used to control thermal movement to prevent the concrete from buckling or breaking. 

Concrete expansion joints and exterior control joints are larger than the control joints. This allows for more movement due to temperature changes, vibration and settling which results in a stronger foundation.  

Our Max Floor Specialist team recommends caulk as your best option. This material is usually installed over a backer rod or other foam inserts and forms a bond on two sides only. When choosing the right joint material, we consider many factors… 

  • The facility where the project takes place
  • Application environment
  • Intended use of the concrete floor
  • Requirements for appearance
  • Turnaround time


Why is Concrete Joint Filler Important? 

At Max floor Specialist, we know joint filler is essential for long-lasting concrete flooring.  

  • Protection and prevention — Filling the joints in your concrete slab prevents damage such as spalling and cracking. 
  • Cost for joint filler vs joint repair — The cost of filling your joints is significantly less than the cost to repair your concrete. 
  • Maintenance — When your joints are filled, maintenance becomes much easier, allowing for sweepers and scrubbers to go over your slab without pushing debris down into the joint. 

Our expert team knows you need a reliably strong floor. Joint filling is one solution that will keep your foundation strong and durable no matter what comes its way. For even deeper strength, we offer additional services, including concrete cleaning and densifying. No matter the job, we’ve got you covered. 

Ask Us About Joint Filling

Joint Filling strengthens your floor to give it long-lasting durability. Contact us today in Richland, Mississippi to learn more!

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