Completed Projects

Lit # 2 Project Runner, Amazon Warehouse (Little Rock, AR)

Scannel Building 1 And 2, Warehouse (Olive Branch, MS)

Pacific Manufacturing Phase 3, Warehouse (Jackson, TN)

Project Diamond, Amazon Warehouse (Little Rock, AR)

Project Flash, Mercedes Benz Plant (Woodstock, AL)

Memphis Global Crossing 2, Warehouse (Memphis, TN)

DHL Memphis Building 1 & 2, Warehouse (Memphis, TN)

Legacy Park Building 5, Warehouse (Olive Branch, MS)

Legacy Park Building 6, Warehouse (Olive Branch, MS)

Exeter/Forrest Park, Warehouse (Olive Branch, MS)

Project Blue Firebird, Warehouse (Chesapeake, VA)

GGLC Project Popcorn, Warehouse (Byhalia, MS)

Polk Lane Bld 1, Warehouse (Olive Branch, MS)

Project Correta, Warehouse (Huntsville, AL)

YKTA Manufacturing, Warehouse (Madison, AL)

Abb Manufacturing Expansion, (Senatobia, MS)

Project Pine, Amazon Warehouse (Canton, MS)

Project Eclipse, Warehouse (West Memphis)

Project Tea Olive, Warehouse (Appling, Ga)

Odfl Lagrange Warehouse, (Lagrange, Ga)

Project Raven, Warehouse (Memphis, TN)

Fayette Trade Center, (Piperton, TN)

Patterson Warehouse (Memphis, TN)

Project Yeti, Warehouse (Memphis, TN)

Project Iris, Warehouse (Memphis, TN)

Kelloggs, Warehouse (Byhalia, MS)

Keystone Warehouse (Bryant, AR)

Horn Lake Project (Horn Lake, MS)

Project Lightning, (Richmond, VA)

Mbusi Big Shiny (Woodstock, AL)

Saia, Warehouse (Memphis, TN)

Tpa Warehouse (Memphis, TN)

Amazon Bhm1 (Bessamer, AL)

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